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Top 5 Methods to Reduce Gout Pain During Flare

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:35 pm
by Karen
We would all prefer to manage gout in a way that prevents flare ups from happening, but when they do occur its important to have a plan. Addressing a flare with these methods will get you on the path to recovery MUCH faster than only treating a flare when the pain is excruciating. Know the signs and catch the flare early!

1. Ice down the joint
Icing down your gout affected joint will reduce the inflammation and provide instant pain relief. Take care to not apply ice or ice packs directly on your skin, always put a towel inbetween to prevent cold burns.

2. Take Anti-Inflammatories
I'm not big on long term use of medications like NSAID's for managing gout, but taken as immediate relief during a gout flare they can be extremely effective. Ibuprofen is a cheap and extremely effective anti inflammatory. Naproxen is a little stronger and available as a prescription. Again, I want to stress these should be taken as short term solutions for acute pain, not part of a long term gout managrment plan.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more
If you allow yourself to become dehydrated during a flare it WILL get worse. Stay away from sugary sports drinks. Excess sugar will increase Uric Acid build up, as will dehydration. Water is your friend during a flare, make sure you are getting plenty of it.

4. Avoid Alcohol
It may be tempting to have a drink to take the edge off but we really need to abstain during a flare. Alcohol and especially beer are very high in purine, which the body metabolizes into Uric Acid. That drink might seem like a good idea until it sends a bunch of uric acid back into your body. 100% counter productive.

5.Elevate the affected joint
By elevating the joint with the gout flare. While laying down propping the joint up on a pillow will reduce swelling. You want to keep the joint higher than your chest. This is a great time to try and rest, even though its hard to do.