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Did "The Gout Code (TM)" Work for You?

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I bought this manual a few weeks ago and I've been amazed how much my Uric Acid level has dropped. I got my test results back today from yesterday's gout checkup and I'm at a lower Uric Acid level than last month on the highest dose of Aloprim. Quite frankly I just got tired of feeling like crap from the Aloprim. The Aloprim DID work but I could not sleep while I was on it. My doctor offered to prescribe me sleep aid pills but I felt like that was just chasing side effects with more prescriptions. At that point I threw out the Aloprim and decided to try something else.

Heres a link to the preview video:
The Gout Code (TM)

I don't know if it is still on sale but it was around $40 when I bought it. Well worth it so far. I'll admit I feel a little goofy doing some of the streches and it is kind of hard to find some of the ingredients, but I'll be darned it really is effective.

I made a poll if anyone else has tried it!
I voted for "Not sure yet". I bought the guide after reading your review, it is still on sale by the way, $37. I went to the asian grocery store and found all the ingredients I needed. Fingers crossed! I agree I feel strange doing the streches but if it works I'll be thrilled to look silly! :lol:
I didn't expect anyone to post about this! I was going to do a review but you beat me to it John :lol: . I've been using "The Gout Code" for over a year, although I paid full price (would've rather got it on sale! I'm a sale-a-holic).

I too think it does work very well so my vote is for yes. I also take supplements like Uricel with doing everything in The Gout Code. I agree with everyone on feeling silly doing the movements sometimes! It gives my husband a laugh at least. :lol:
I'm 3 weeks into this program and feeling great! I go back for mu checkup next week and will report back how much my Uric Acid levels have dropped. No flares during these 3 weeks. My vote is a cautious "Yes" (so far) :D
Barry466 wrote:
Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:24 pm
I'm a week in to the program and no flares so far! (Knock on wood)
I was able to find the ingredients easily at my local grocery store. If this does work I'll be glad to toss my expensive Urloric in the trash :lol:
This is great to hear Barry! Are you planning on going back to the doctor for a Uric Acid check? If so I'd love to hear the results compared to where you were at on prescription Uloric!
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