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Did Uricel work for you?

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By Karen
The most reviewed gout product right now is called Uricel. After using it for 6 months I feel like I can offer an honest review, and would love to hear from any of you with your experiences with it.

Right now Uricel is selling for $45 on Amazon for a 2 ounce bottle. If taken once daily this is equivalent to a 48 day supply. Daily cost = $. 94

Uricel is an all natural supplement, Uricel claims to be sourcing its ingredients sustainably. It contains Tart Cherry Extract, celery seed, turmeric, yucca root, and chaca piedra.
You will notice the top review on Amazon of Uricel is extremely negative, giving it a 1 star. Reading the review I wish I could invite the reviewer to our forum to learn about the problems with the prescription Allopurinol. They take Uricel while taking Allopurinol for a short time, and complain the Uricel is not helping. I would love to explain that Allopurinol will cause your gout symptoms to worsen in the first month (among other problems). Take that review with a grain of salt. But alas, on to MY review.

Uricel itself isn't some groundbreaking formulation. It really is just a combination of natural ingredients that have been shown to lower uric acid levels (tart cherry extract being the most popular).

We could totally make our own Uricel using individual capsules of tart cherry, celery seed, and turmeric. This would take 5 large pills to be taken 2 times a day. Since Uricel is in liquid form the indgredients are easier absorbed into your body. 10 pills worth of these dry ingredients is roughly equivalent 1 dose of Uricel.

Okay, well does it work?
When people ask me this I generally ask them if they believe natural gout remedies like tart cherry extract work for treating gout. The answer is generally yes, so I tell them yes if you believe natural remedies work for gout then Uricel is right for you.

After taking it for 6 months Uricel succeeded in keeping my uric acid levels down, as evidenced by not having any gout flares. Its worth mentioning that I was already taking tart cherry and celery seed in pill form before trying Uricel. The main selling point of Uricel for me was I could take one 1/4 teaspoon with a glass of water instead of a handful of pills multiple times a day. It's a totally convienence and cost thing, Uricel is cheaper than a bunch of pills of the same ingredients and far less hassle to take.
Karen, I love your site! The only other gout message board I've seen is reddits gout section, so I'd love to see this community

I've been taking Uricel for a year now. It works well for me. It appealed to me for the same reasons. Taking my tart cherry and celery seed supplements in pill form works just as well as Uricel, Uricels just WAY more convienent. I've found that the daily cost is roughly the same.

If you are already taking natural gout supplements in pill form then Uricel is a no brainer. I voted yes!
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