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Did Zyloprim or Aloprim work for you?

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No, side effects too severe
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By Karen
You might recognize allopurinol under a brand name like Aloprim or Zyloprim. I was prescribed this a couple years ago to treat my gout flares. I took it for a month, and it was without a doubt the worst month of my life.

You are told that at the beginning you might have more gout flares for a few weeks then they will taper off to none. What they do not tell you is Allopurinol can cause a plethora of pretty dangerous side effects other than the intial gout flares.

For the first few weeks I had more flares than I've ever had, which I was prepared for because I was warned. If this medication elimanted gout I could handle a couple rough weeks. What I was not prepared for was constant severe nausea. I felt sick all the time.

Then I started doing some research on Allopurinol, if you are happy with it and don't have any side effects you may want to stop reading.

Dangerous Side Effect 1:
Allopurinol decreases red blood cell platelets which make it easier to get sick and harder to get better. If that wasn't enough it reduces your bloods ability to clot, making you bleed and bruise easier. Not only was I feeling sick from the nausea, I was actually getting sick from a lowered immune system. Here's some info from RxList.com:
"Allopurinol can lower blood cells that help your body fight infections. This can make it easier for you to bleed from an injury or get sick from being around others who are ill. Your blood may need to be tested often. Visit your doctor regularly." (https://www.rxlist.com/zyloprim-drug/pa ... #important)

Dangerous Side Effect 2:
This is the extremely scary one. According to the company, between 2-6% of patients taking Aloprim or Zyloprim for gout will experience acute liver injury from a hypersensitivity to Allopurinol. Here's the problem. The latency period of a liver hypersensitivity is 2-6 weeks. Thats roughly the same time where your body will be adjusting to the Allopurinol and you are trying to tough it out. This is extremely dangerous because it is often masked by other symptoms. Here's a scary paragraph from the National Library of Medicine: "Allopurinol hepatotoxicity has a high fatality rate, either from acute liver failure or complications of other allergic manifestations such as toxic epidermal necrolysis, vasculitis, pancreatitis and renal dysfunction. African-American race and preexisting renal disease appear to be risk factors for hypersensitivity to allopurinol.

Likelihood score: A (well established cause of clinically apparent liver injury)."

DO NOT TRY AND TOUGH IT OUT. This is serious stuff guys. I wanted to share this with you all so you are aware of the risks and dangers, this is the stuff that they won't tell you when the doctor writes the prescription. In my research I believe that 2-6% of patients taking Allopurinol for gout developing liver damage or failure is too low, that statistic is outdated. Hopefully with this information you can make an informed decision on whether or not Allopurinol is right for you.

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By Barry466
Karen, I started taking Zyloprim a couple months ago but went off of it after 3 days after getting a rash and hives from it. I had no idea of these other side effects, I'm really glad I quit taking it now. My doctor is recommending I try the prescription Uloric, I'm hesitant because its like $15 a pill and I have to pay out of pocket for it.

Do you have any experience with Uloric? Great site by the way I think it will be nice to talk to people who know what it feels like to suffer from gout.
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By Karen
Barry, welcome to the forum! I do not have personal experience with Uloric, as I refused to accept the prescription for it. It truly is remarkable how many side effects (www.drugs.com/amp/sfx/uloric-side-effects.html) drug has. Read that article before you make a decison. To me I find the possibility of liver damage/failure to be way too high. A 1 to 10% chance (as it shows in the article) is more than I'm willing to risk.

I keep coming back to the fact that all these gout prescriptions carry way too many side effects. There are too many supplements or natural gout remedies that are effective to risk a dangerous prescription side effect.
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